Puzzle Blade

  • Sole author (design, code, art, and music)  of this Unity-based iPad game
  • Currently available on the iOS App Store with over 7,000 installs globally and an average review score of 4.5/5
  • Match-three game that incorporates fast-paced combat, a spoonful of RPG mechanics, and a silly storyline

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Cards for Humanity

  • A fast-paced, online tribute to the popular card game, Cards Against Humanity, that allows players to donate to children in need 
  • Managed a team of four developers from concept to deployment over a three-week period
  • Designed and implemented core game logic and webSocket communication system between Node.js server and Angular.js front-end via Socket.IO

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The Feud

  • A massively-multiplayer Family Feud game with dynamically generated survey data
  • The server maintains the state of the game (new question and answer cycles every 30 seconds) and all clients are synchronized via websocket connections
  • The front-end can be built as an iOS or Android app (via Phonegap), but in its current state is served as a website

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  • Designed all menu/in-game UI and splashscreens over a two-week period for this Android game by hex3d
  • Destroy the nuclear power grid that fuels the Blizzadrome Global Cooling System and save the planet from an icy apocalypse! 
  • WINNER: Editor's Choice Game of the Year --

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WWE All Stars

  • AAA multi-platform console title by THQ
  • Managed in-house and outsource artists
  • Created and modified 3D character assets
  • R&D'ed rigging/shader/technical solutions
  • Tracked asset development and documented technical pipeline for outsource team

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World Series of Poker

  • Designed and scripted all menu screens, in-game UI, and interactive widgets
  • Learned and helped expand functionality of proprietary in-house scripting language
  • Modeled and textured poker players from 3D scan data 

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